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Welcome to Islamformankind.net

Islamformankind.net hopes to provide an complete insight about Islam – the religion of the past, present and future for people of all walks of life who wish to know more about this beautiful religion.

The site submits to a variety of topics ranging right from the glorious Quran , revealed books, Ahadiths , prophets, day of judgement to discussions on social issues and answers to them with appropriate references from the holy Quran and relevant hadiths.

We are still working on certain sections one of them being the upcoming Quranic section which aims to bring in Arabic , urdu and English translators with different search engines.

Further more the advanced sections of the site include great knowledge on beliefs of Ahle Sunnah (aqeedah), tasawwuf  and refutation . Topics such as biographies , Islamic events , famous converts to islamhave also been included to enhancIe the arena of information which we hope to acquaint our visitors with.

Apart from this you can mollify your senses in the multimedia section wherein you can watch and listen to famous speeches by dignitary delegates and sermons , the holy quran and also nasheeds .

Last but not the least all the information this site holds is to the best of my knowledge and research any disputes regarding any references provided on certain topics is not the site’s responsibility . The best of knowledge resides with the almighty Allah alone .






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